Case Study:

How a Rebrand Raised Awareness and Drove Membership


Acappella Road

Chorus group


Identity & Branding

Brand Support

Starting with their newly chosen name we designed an identity and complete brand package to be used across digital and social media platforms, promotional merchandise, and various recruiting efforts.

Previous logo
old logo
new logo by syndrome design
New Identity

Our Clients' Needs

Leaders in Western Canada's barbershop chorus circles and known internationally, the newly re-named Acappella Road needed a full revamp of its identity and brand. They have the history and chops but were seeing their ranks aging and not being replaced by the next generation of singers. To address this, they changed their name and hired us to create a fresh new look that would increase their membership and generate interest from a more youthful demographic.

Choral group singing

Our Solutions

We were tasked with expressing their passion and helping to increase membership. Working with the core membership we developed and implement a new visual language that spanned identity, brand, promotional items, and social media assets.

The equity of this brand is in its history and culture, we wanted to seize that while creating something visually new to match its updated name. To keep this in view we leaned towards varying ways of displaying their name that included physical and emotive elements of the barbershop quartet.

Following an analysis of their voice and the audience they wanted to reach we presented three composite concepts. They selected one, it was further refined and developed in to a full brand package.

When our chorus undertook a re-branding effort, Matt’s professional approach and ability to respond to our ideas was exemplary. His work is creative and his cooperative attitude brought everyone on-board. His work established an excellent foundation for our new brand as we go forward.

Doug Gardiner
Former President

Option 2

Option 1

color pallete and identity option 1
option 1 banner and socks mock up
option 2 posters
option 1 poster and collateral
color pallete and identity option 2
option 2 poster and collateral

Option 3: The Selected Direction

After much discussion and input, we landed on a classic monogram-based design that included a visual reference to a barbers pole. The flexibility of this mark can be seen in its full impression to deconstructed takes as it is applied to outfits, merch and promotional materials.

new logo sizes and colours
social media mock ups on devices
promo t-shirts
poster and business cards
a selection of AR sock designs

The Results

As live performances have become the norm again, the improvements to the image of this group are clear, showing that they are relevant, professional, and active, creating increased interest in their shows and enrollment.

custom printed bow tie
a r logo
pattern 1
lanyard design
sing loud logo pattern
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